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SyndeSeed’s Story

SyndeSeed was created to help bridge the gap between new innovative ideas and funding that can make them happen. Our mobile app addresses the inefficiency in connecting entrepreneurs and investors. SyndeSeed is dedicated to building an exclusive community of established entrepreneurs and investors through targeted partnerships. We will provide our partner’s members with access to a mobile network of entrepreneurs and investors while aggregating communities of quality users. Our goal is to increase collaboration between investors and entrepreneurs as well as entrepreneur to entrepreneur and investor to investor.

Our Mission

Empower solutions with the tools to come to fruition. 

The Vision

SyndeSeed’s vision is to flourish and match the best business relationships increasing innovation and economic growth.

Core Values


We value accessibility by creating a community that allows for innovation and an attainable network of connections.


We value the importance of relationships. Successful optimal partnerships come from building compatible interpersonal business relationships.


We value authenticity to and from our users. Our platform incorporates awareness, unbiased processing, core needs, and relational orientation to make the best user experience. 


The idea came to life when co-founders Karina Pietra and Adam Doak completed a Full Stack Web Development program at Wyncode Academy. During the last 10 days of the program SyndeSeed had a mock prototype and SyndeSeed raised a seed round through an angel investor. Since then our team expanded to include Alberto Galvez, the lead developer of the project, as well as Tommy Suwunrut and Ana Triana whose passion help to build SyndeSeed.